DIY Holiday Tutorial | Christmas GRWM w/ Feel Unique | Kaushal Beauty ad

Tutorial | Christmas GRWM w/ Feel Unique | Kaushal Beauty ad

0:00hi my angels and welcome back to my Channel today I’m doing a Christmas get
0:07ready with me with the website feel unique which is a personal favorite
0:10website of mine and they also get free shipping worldwide which is absolutely
0:14fab the link to the products that I’ve used for this link will be in the
0:17infobox below
0:18so if you’d like to get ready with me with this Christmas look at then please
0:21keep watching in the shower i use this gorgeous tonight body wash with smiles
0:27then straight on to the eyes and using the Urban Decay eyeshadow on location
0:31all of my eyelids and I’m also putting that on underneath the eyelids box we’re
0:36going to make them a little bit smoky and then taking the mary-lou manizer
0:39illuminating powder and adding that as a highlight on the eyebrows just like you
0:44can see here we’re going to go for a festive simple I and then that grabbing
0:49this este año de bronze goddess in the shade of deep
0:53i’m adding this to the crease of my eye and really blending and working that
0:58color in as a transition shade because again statement lips and then went back
1:05in with the same mary-lou manizer illuminating highlighting powder and
1:09packing that on to the i did like you can see here and really packing on
1:15I wanted to believe super shimmery and super highlighted and a really nice
1:20champagne color and then just going in with a little bit of bronzer to make
1:25sure that it’s all my splendid
1:27now for the winged I used l’oreal celina in perfect slim and created a winged
1:34eyeliner so I’m making sure that the end is kind of like curved and then bringing
1:40that in to the rest of my I mine i like to hit the rest of my eye lash line and
1:47creating a flick I’m really slowly working on this and I’m making sure that
1:51the inner part of the wind I is a little bit thicker just so that it adds to a
1:56bit of the dramatic mess of this cat eye and then to mascara i used the bourgeois
2:06vol one second this car and ultra black and I possibly did about two or three
2:11layers you guys have the girl i love my mascara and I wasn’t gonna wear any
2:17so I really love that this up and this does an amazing job with finding out
2:21your lashes then onto the face i’m using the Stila stay all day HD beauty bar and
2:27just working that into my skin using my fingers
2:30I find that sometimes you think this can be the best tool and I’d seem to neglect
2:34them all the time so i’m going to be using my fingers quite like this
2:37tutorial the foundation I use the bourgeois happy life foundation member
2:4353 and it is a tad bit darker than my skin tone but it was fine
2:47so I was going to go in and do some highlighting and concealing afterwards
2:51so it all evens out in the end and just blending that all in and making sure
2:57it’s nice and seamless and slow cooking and then use this
3:02bourjois healthy mix concealer and popped it underneath my eyes like you
3:07can see here in an upside down triangle shape the same on the other eye and then
3:12simply blended of that all out with my fingers
3:20I then did the usual highlighting in the usual areas the chin the Cupid’s bow and
3:27also my forehead like you can see here and this is so easy to blend with my
3:32fingers so I just missed them and to set my face i use the Rimmel stay matte
3:37powder and i used a smaller brush fastest set the under eyes they didn’t
3:41want them to crease or anything like that and then went in the file photo and
3:46then went in with a powder face brush and it just made sure that the rest of
3:51my foundation is all nicely set
3:54supposing out the lower lash line i use this gorgeous
3:57reli shadow in the shape smoky and i applied this onto the lower lashes using
4:02an angled brush and you guys know the deal i always start off with a little
4:06bit of color and then build it to however much I want it to be so i just
4:11did this on both of my eyeballs and it is such a beautiful a reddish purple
4:16color I absolutely love it and then went in with the same scar from bushwa and
4:21the pop that on to light bottom lashes
4:32once that was done it was time to line my effort and lower water lines and I
4:36used my favorite version i liked by Evan decay and just pop that on the bottom
4:42upward or two lines the contrary use the chocolate to face brother and I first
4:48one in
4:48yeah it smells amazing every event in with a smaller brush to define the area
4:53that I wanted to come to my sheets and then I slighted slighted like a sweet
4:58I slightly blended back out and then went in with a bigger brush it just make
5:04sure that all the area was nice and warmed up and also added this on to my
5:08forehead and my jawline the blusher I used hot mama
5:17by the bomb cosmetics and i put this arm to the apples of my cheeks and it was
5:22such a nice natural blush color because i didn’t want too much going on my
5:27cheeks and the lips going to be very bold and then went in with the same area
5:31miser and pop that on to the highlights of my cheats as a highlighter and i
5:35absolutely love this I think it’s pretty much their main show of this whole look
5:40because it is such a fab versatile product then grabbing this baby darkest
5:45and blush in the shade 11
5:47I’m popping that on to my lips and applying everywhere and it’s such a
5:51gorgeous creamy lip product again you can use on your troops well but I went
5:57for it just on the lips I’m just putting a nice layer of this on all over now to
6:04get that ombre look it’s such an easy thing to do i’m grabbing my perversion
6:09eyeliner here and i’m creating small triangles on my bottom and top outer
6:16parts of my lips like you can see here literally just adding a full-on triangle
6:21shape on the outside and darkening them up as much as I want them to be
6:26then I’m grabbing a lip brush you can grab any kind of brush that you feel
6:30comfortable using and just blending the edges in to the Centers it is seriously
6:35as simple as black eyes and you get such a gorgeous ombre effect
6:40I absolutely love it
6:41to give the effect of my lips looking bigger and juicier and plumper and
6:46taking this lipgloss by the bomb which is in the shade of blue and just adding
6:50this to the center of my lips and this really gives that 3d effect and makes
6:55them really pop out and stand out and i like using this kind of technique but
7:00when I want my lips to like a little bit bigger the hair i’m using these
7:04beautiful limited-edition of rose gold ghd’s and this L net heat protectant and
7:10popping that on all over my hair and then using the waving method that my
7:16hair stylist Mickey taught me how to do i will leave all her links to how to get
7:20this it kind of look from her channel in the description box below so don’t
7:24forget to check that out but I love doing this to my hair because it’s so
7:28quick and easy and different and i love the outcome of it so as you can see here
7:34I’m just going in hard I’m flipping and turning blue straighteners to give it
7:38that way vu tahsildar bucci look I think sometimes you can forget to do different
7:45things with straightness especially because a lot of people generally just
7:48straight and all
7:49well their hair using these so it’s a really nice technique and you get such
7:53beautiful higher after
7:55so here you can see one of my side is done and just like that the other side
8:00is done to justice with my hair i use the kerastase Alex ultimate in my hair
8:07just to give it a bit of texture and to make it look a little bit ly plan and
8:11get rid of any kind of weird flyaways but I had going on and then it was time
8:16to add some bling because you can’t there without some blame during
8:19Christmas so I popped these earrings on here will leave a link to the way you
8:23can get them from
8:24they are absolutely gorgeous and i decided to go with silver because I were
8:29called way too much
8:30uh-huh and then I popped a bit of the masses overthrew guess for hire
8:35party on which sells absolutely divine
8:38and there you have it that is my Christmas get ready with me
8:43don’t forget to check out the feel unique website so you guys can see all
8:46the amazing things that they stock but i guess i will see you all in my next